Calliope resembles Lil Cal’s title also, no matter if this can be most likely more in regard to Caliborn

Calliope resembles Lil Cal’s title also, no matter if this can be most likely more in regard to Caliborn

It is reasonably a reference to the unique Middlesex where the intersex protagonist uses title “Cal” to help you represent the masculine side and you may “Calliope” otherwise “Callie” to represent the feminine edge of him or her.

Kalliope (new deity)’s the reason symbol was a crafting pill, particularly Calliope’s very loved procedure is this lady attracting tablet. They reflects them becoming an effective characterization of your Homestuck fandom also, as Homestuck is quite the brand new unbelievable facts and you may is likely to explore poetry now and then.

She picked “ uranianUmbra ” since the the girl on the web handle because of her fascination with globally Uranus’s book rotation, even when whenever outlining so it so you’re able to Roxy, this woman is struggling to remember the word having a ball’s topspin – in pond, the expression to possess getting a chance towards cue golf ball is actually “english”. Umbra is Latin getting “shadow” (whence we have ‘umbrage’, definition outrage); into the English, it will mean an identical, but usually pertains particularly into the darkest section of a shade. ‘UU’ and finishes the newest DNA motif of the many other chumhandles/trolltags, representing uracil.

The expression “uranian” try a 19th-century label talking about a good “females mind in the a male human body”. Whether or not Calliope isn’t theoretically in a masculine system, your body, after, belongs to the girl equivalent, Caliborn. A great soldier out-of both genders, having importance and you can personalities each and every.”

Uranus is even aren’t associated with Sailor Moonlight character of Teno Haruka, an androgynous lesbian profile who is tend to interpreted as actually intersex and/or nonbinary because of being named “one another a person and you may a woman

Calliope is also a through-passed mention of the Andrew Hussie’s left behind visual novel, Whistles Frequency One to: The newest Starlight Calliope; a frightening story away from a great circus clown and his awesome misadventures into the a vicious circus below ground, where genocide, prostitution, and you can cannibalism facing clowns happens.

Even when Andrew Hussie stated that he doesn’t proper care just how website subscribers pronounce some thing inside Homestuck, within the Greek myths, Calliope’s name is obvious (kuh-lie-uh-pee) [k??la??pi?] although ancient greek obvious it (kah-li-o-pay) [kali???p?:]. Of the circus pronunciation, it is (kAHl-ee-ohp) [?kali?p:].

Icon [ ]

Calliope’s symbol are a mix involving the caduceus (?), the newest icon of one’s Greek jesus Hermes, in addition to rod of Asclepius (?; which is also referred to as the fresh new Asklepios), the second from which being among the many one or two Ophiuchus symbols. By contrast, Caliborn’s cam icon is the other, less frequent Ophiuchus symbol. Apart from as the live messenger of your gods, Hermes has also been brand new guardian from boundaries therefore the tourist just who mix her or him. Asclepius, as well, try good professional inside Greek mythology. When he passed away, the guy became the brand new constellation Ophiuchus.

Particular mythological functions of your caduceus is thematically befitting Calliope, such as for instance its ability to “aftermath new resting and you may publish the newest conscious to sleep”, hence the thing is that the two halves from a great cherub option control over you once they bed. It is reasonably said that the fresh rod normally get back the fresh new dry alive, a fitted symbol to have a character after restored by the Ring regarding Lifestyle.

Within the The united states, the fresh new caduceus and you may Asklepios are mislead for one another, where in actuality the previous is employed to help you indicate medical profession, while it is used to portray commerce someplace else. If you find yourself Calliope spends it icon, Caliborn spends the japanese-popular icon for Ophiuchus that is a great tilde superimposed along side letter U, a stylized icon of one holding a serpent. The latest tilde plus is similar to Calliope’s fake horns, every one of which is comparable to one of several entwined snakes. The lady signal can also be several mature cherubs mating, as the mature cherubs turn out to be serpents when you’re mating. Even further, the woman symbol would-be translated merely given that a great caduceus without the wings, just like just how Caliborn predominated prior to themselves you certainly will make wings.